I wanted to reach out and let you know I am a big fan of Working Joe- I recently started doing CrossFit and my hands have been in rough shape ever since! I tried Working Joe on a whim and it has been the only product that's helped to heal my hands after long barbell workouts. I know a lot of athletes struggle with the same problem.
- Jaymie T.



I just wanted to let you know that I love your products! I keep them in convenient places where I know I will need some type of moisturizer like my car, my desk at the office, or my purse. I'm not a kid but my favorite is the strawberry sundae scent from the working kid's collection. It goes on smooth and leaves me smelling good for the rest of the day. Thanks for making such a great product!
- Daavonia L.



 Our skin is our largest organ so it is important that we invest in it to boost our overall physical and emotional health.  Before discovering Working Joe’s Skincare, I searched high and low for the perfect natural moisturizer.  I’ve tried several and I even attempted making my own.  I have very sensitive skin and I’m very careful about what I put on my body.  I feel confident in the purity of the ingredients in Working Joe products.   A little goes a long way and it absorbs nicely in the skin.  It keeps my skin hydrated all day long.  My skin and nails have never looked better!  I absolutely love collecting all the different scents.  They offer a large variety of scents and products (beard grooming wax, body butters, hand and foot balm).  I highly recommend Working Joe/Jane’s all natural moisturizers.  It’s the best lotion out there!
- Rhonda



This stuff has many uses besides your skin. During the hurricane, I used it to seal all the leaks that were flooding my rooms and it worked like a champ. Didn’t want to waste it but it saved my clothes and bed so I feel like it was worth it!
- Michael S.



Best thing for my psoriasis on my hands!! Love it! Nothing the doctors gave me worked but this did! And it smells amazing!
- Lindsey J.



Love this stuff!! It is the only good thick balm I can get the kids to use, and it smells great. Also, the balm in the tins works great on the bikini area
- Lisa Eickhorst



 Try it.. you might just like it. I love it
- Sherri Y.



My dog has been constantly licking her paws the Vet gave me two options antihistamines or Steroids both had bad side effects.
A friend told me about Working Joe skin care for pets I applied it to her paws and between her toes.It's been three weeks now and she no longer licking or chewing her paws.

- Sean S.