About Us

Who is Working Joe?

I was a curious kid.

When I asked my father who someone was, he would simply say, “They’re just a working Joe, like me.” I can still hear the quiet respect in his voice as he said those words. He always took pride in being a working Joe.

My father was a plumber by trade. He served in World War II. At the age of 20 he came home, returned to work and started to raise a family. He was a simple man of common tastes, committed to providing for his wife and kids. He wasn’t the deluxe package, but he could always be trusted to do the right thing.

As a company, we have embraced his philosphy of life. Our products are made with common, natural, good ingredients.

We are committed to providing quality products at prices that “Working Joes” can afford.

Like “Working Joes”, we value the people in our lives and our moments of fun, friendship and laughter. We believe that it isn’t how we earn our living that makes us a working Joe or working Jane, but rather how we live our lives.

Cheers to you and yours!

Dan Silverthorne, President & Founder